When it comes to advertising it’s difficult to stand out and it’s even more difficult if you are in a city like Tokyo. Lately one of the billboards in Tokyo city had caught a lot of attention of people due to an amazing and eye-catching advertisement. An advertisement of a giant 3D cat had appeared on a billboard and the cat seems very real. And it even says nyannichiwa which is a mix of konnichiwa and nyan in Japanese which means hello and meow respectively.

The cat which is seen in the Shinjuku district in Tokyo naps, yawns, and is like a real cat. The designers had created a good curved screen for the cat. This was made for the company Cross Space which owns the building where the screen is. The aim of setting such an advertisement is to make the people feel good as many suffer from COVID-19.

More info & Photo courtesy: Cross Shinjuku Vision | Twitter


image credits: Mymodernmet

Unika is one of the two companies that run the billboard and the spokesperson of the company Takayuki Ohkawa had said that there are many reasons as to why they have decided to display the cat. And that one of the main reasons is the coronavirus. And that they want to make Shinjuku brighter.

The massive cat was opened on 12th July 2021 and will air from 7 am to 1 am. And if you are not in Tokyo but are interested in seeing the cat a live stream on YouTube.

#2 Gaint cat appeared on Shinjuku, Tokyo

image credits: Mymodernmet

#3 People had even shared about it on Twitter



h/t: [The New York Times]

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