In recent years, a lot of people have started their journey into spiritualism. A fair portion of society still cannot wrap their head around the fact that spirituality can exist without believing in religion. But there is a fine line between being religious and spiritual.

Spirituality mostly concerns your soul. It does not care about your physical form or worldly things. It lets you flow in unison with the flow of Nature and the world around you with ease. Life becomes simple and easier with no tension to weigh down your mind.

Scroll down to read the main differences between religion and spirituality.

Spirituality Does Not Impose Rules.

Religions are based on ideologies and conceptions which makes them a specific religion. So a person should ‘believe’ and ‘follow’ in order to be a part of it. If you want to be a follower of religion there are a certain set of rules saying how a certain person of a certain religion should be.

Spirituality does not impose rules, it shows you a better way of living. It promotes positivity so you can be happy with yourself and your soul. This creates a better life for everyone and a much happier society.

Religions Present Fear While Spirituality Presents Love.

You should follow a given set of rules and you will face the punishment of worse sorts if the rules are broken of a religion. They command obedience, respect, and devotion.

Spirituality promotes love, this basically creates a coexistence of every person who gives and receives love.

Religions Tell You What To Believe While Spirituality Is A Guide To Yourself.

When you are a believer in religion. There are certain guidelines and manuscripts that a follower of that religion should be following. You are accepted as long as their instructions are practiced and nothing else.

Spirituality lets you explore yourself and your soul. It will help you clarify yourself to view things that will make you happy. Once you find yourself it will only make you more of a positive person.

Religions Divide While Spirituality Merges People.

Most of the conflicts that are found in history and even in the modern-day are because of the division of the people, most religions. The rules, guidelines, and the control of the people cause tension among the community. Religions tag and divide people when their mission is to make the world a better place

Spirituality does not identify countries, nationalities, sexualities, and so on. It is just pure positivity and love to every single person there is.

Punishment Vs Karma.

Most religions teach their followers of the punishments that they will endure in an event of failing to adhere to their given rule. So, more people follow the given rules being afraid of the punishment themselves.

Spirituality believes in a cosmic energy that draws the same energy a person gives out. So A good person will draw positivity to themselves and a bad person will draw negativity into their lives.

Religions Guide You Down Their Path While Spirituality Lets You Find The Best Path For You.

Religions have everything planned out from the merits to the sins, agendas of specific occasions, special events in a person’s life, and almost everything. This doesn’t who you really are to show up, you get to do what they say, hoping that you will be rewarded.

Spirituality lets you free to find yourself through positivity and you exactly know what path is best for you. You get to lead a happy life with happy choices that fit with who you are, your pros and cons.

If you need to feel better and positive, you should let go of burdens and fears. Spirituality lets you explore yourself, love yourself and others as they should receive. There are no tricks or loops of information to overwhelm you. If everyone starts being positive, the world will easily become and better place. Simple as that.

h/t: Auxx

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