Lisa Pontius, explains that there’s nothing that the kids owe to their parents through a video on TikTok and it had gone viral with more than 4.1M views, 70.8k shares, and 642k likes. Through her video, she says why she thinks so though they have done a lot to them. She says that it’s the parent’s responsibility to protect and take care of the children. Also had said that the kids would decide when they grow up how the things between them should be. And she had also clearly said that this would make some people angry. 

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#1 She thinks that there’s nothing the kids owe to their parents

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#2 Have a look at the viral gone video with over 4.1M views

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She says that things like giving the children a place to stay in, looking after them, and much more small or big things, and helping them grow up is the responsibility of parents. She had said to BuzzFeed that parents don’t get a trophy for taking care of their kids. And had said that parents saying that they’ve given a roof over their heads is manipulative and had said that if they had no children wouldn’t they have a roof over their heads. Also had said that children are not freeloading roommates and that they are their dependents and responsibility.

#3 She points that forcing the kids by taking care of them is not a correct way


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Image credits: itsme.lisap


She had also pointed that what makes you different from normal parents is taking care of your child’s emotional needs. Also had said that though you do a good job there are chances that your child won’t give time for you in the future. She had said that it’s so because it’s the children who pick not you. And had said that you trying to be the best parent would work one day as the relationship between you and your kids would get to the way that you want.

About herself, she had said that she earlier worked as a private chef in New York and then had gone to Charleston. And now she’s with her husband and 2 kids, Lyla the elder one and Miles the younger kid, and their dog. And she is a housewife a mom who takes care of her kids all the time. She had said that after she became a mom and turned 30 years she found herself in the difficulty of style and situation. And she had said that she took off from food and beverages to be a mom full time. And had said that she had found a new her through style while trying to find her new identity. According to her, she had taken a few years to get to know about fashion.

#8 People’s reactions to the viral gone video

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