Beavers are very industrious animals, they build dams, dig canals and do various things. They are nocturnal animals and do their work at night, therefore it’s really hard to see how they work. But Mike Digout, a wildlife videographer had been doing videos on beavers that live in his area, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. One of his recent videos is about a beaver chewing a fallen tree, and the beaver chews it very successfully.


image credits: Mymodernmet

These animals find the nutrients needed for their growth through plants, grass, and trees. Branches of the trees are very helpful for them in both ways, to get nutrients and in building the dama and their homes. Also, it helps to wear their teeth that grow every day and never stops. In the video, you can see the beaver chewing the fallen tree with his teeth that are quite strong. Mike had said that he was at the exact right place at the correct time and therefore he was able to get the video. And had said that he tried to get more closer and to get a good close look. And one of his other videos you can see how a beaver chews a branch that is about 2 inches in less than 1 min. Scroll down to have a look at the videos.

#2 Eating branches is something that the beavers love

#3 their teeth are very strong that they could easily chew wood



#6 They are very busy and are called busy beavers


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