These rare and almost magical creatures are a true wonder of the nature. People from all over the world has listened to the stories of dragons from ancient times and wondered how they would have been. 

But little did everyone one know that there are similar type of creatures in their structure, in the tropics of South East Asian forests. Known as ‘Flying Dragons’, the genus Draco is a part of the Agamidae lizard family. 


Being 8 – 10 inches in length, this breed of lizard are found on tree trunks in the tropical forests. Their ‘wings’ or membranes helps them to glide across the forest from trees. They can cover almost up to 60 meters with the help of their structure. 


The wings or membranes are a big part of their lives. Starting from the mobility to their method of attraction in mating. They only get to the forest ground in their mating period. 


The main items of their diets are similar to the general lizards; insects and tree ants. 


Unlike other animals, these lizards don’t nest or protect their eggs until they are hatched. The female ‘flying dragon’; lays eggs under the soil and leaves, and they return to the trees right after a day or so. 


This breed of lizards can come in different colors and builds. Their characteristics and genetics differ with their color, which makes them unique in their own way. 


They are the closest you can get to the mythical dragons that everyone read or heard in the magical stories we always knew. 

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