It’s not only cats and dogs who can be perfect pets for a house, other animals too can make a place in a family. Maybe that they are rescued from a bad situation and then they refuse to go back, or by any other ways animals like pigs, bunnies, etc.. also make good pets.

This little piglet  Floppy who’s now 1.5 years old was said that he would live more than a week when he was born, as he suffers from shaking head syndrome which is quite similar to tremor. He was for on 18th January 2020, from the time he saw the world he’s been going through a lot. Anyways now the little fellow is a bug, chubby and cuddly pigs who weighs 500Lb.

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#1. Floppy born with shaking head syndrome.

The Bored Panda had spoken with Floppy’s owner to know more about this.

The owner had introduced herself as Chelsey Weaning from West Virginia. She had said that her Sister-in-law had a litter of piglets and there Flippy had suffered from shaking head syndrome, which is similar to the tremor that’s not controllable.

#2. Chelsey had said that Floppy couldn’t do things on his own.

They had asked Chelsey how she decided to keep Floppy with this condition.

She had said that she always loved animals and they have a good place in her heart. And she values that she can speak for the ones who cannot for themselves, and all her animals were rescues. When he was born, her sister-in-law and husband had a tough time deciding what to do with Floppy.

Then she had asked them if they wanted to give Floppy a chance to live, and if so they could take care of him. When she took him she had not known a thing about pigs, but she had said that she learned a lot from Floppy and also through research. And then they had grown closer and she knew that Floppy was meant to be a part of the Family.

#3. The vet had said it’s better to euthanasia the pig as it wouldn’t last longer than a week.

For what they have asked about the personality of Floppy,

Chelsey had said that he’s a loving piggy who’s smart and sociable. And that he loves to be with people rather than being alone. Also loves it when people come to see him.  And that he has learned to walk on the stairs and also learned to open the doors.

Also, she had said what Floppy loves, like belly rubs, playing in his pool, and things. And also she had said that they take him for a wash every day and that he’s very special, unlike other piggies.

#4. hey had not liked the idea of euthanasia and wanted to give Floppy a chance to live even for a short time.

They had even asked about the other, friends of Floppy in the house.

She had said that Kona and Kai are their 2 dogs and they also have 2 cats. Both the dogs are Floppy’s best friends and they spend time together. When Floppy was a piglet, Kona had become the mother figure to him. Though Flppy is now 3 times bigger than them, they still play around.  Though they haven’t faced any issue yet, they ner leave them unsupervised as it’s a bit risky to leave pigs and dogs together.

#5. Chelsey and her husband had taken care of Floppy as a baby, they had bottle-fed Floppy.

She had said that at first, they didn’t want to show Floppy publicly, but one day they nad snapped the best photo of him. Her sister-in-law had twittered it and Floppy had received a lot of love from people. 

After that Robert James Hull, a UK artist had sought permission to get Floppy’s photo into one of his greetings cards. After that, as Floppy received love through it they had thought that floppy’s story should be shared. And then they have created the Instagram account which now has about 6.7K followers from around the world. Also, they have a business in honor of Floppy named Floppy and Friends. And they give donations to pig sanctuaries. 

#6. They had thought to keep him for a few weeks and if he’s better to take him to a sanctuary, but as he won their hearts they couldn’t do that.

She had said that what they want people to take from the story is that believe in giving chances and have faith. As they gave Floppy a chance he was able to overcome the odds and have a happy life.

#7. Floppy is an indoor pig who owns his own room.

She had even a few funny happening with Floppy to Bored Panda.  What happened when they were painting together. How he had painted on himself rather than painting the canvas. And about some new harvest of Floppy, a pumpkin harvest. And had said that she loves the fact that Floppy lets her take selfies with him.

#8. Now he only shakes if he’s excited or anxious.

#9. Floppy is now a big boy of about 500 lbs, and he loves people.

#10. Chelsey and Floppy are Bonded well, they spend a lot of time together.

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