Many consider foxes as dangerous wild animals. But for real they are not what is been said about them. They are very funny and lovable too. A sanctuary, Save a Fox had been working hard to protect foxes who are been captivated illegally and who are in fur farms and also in pet surrenders. And also they help them to get a forever home. This sanctuary is in Faribault, Minnesota. To know more about them check out Save A Fox.

The star of the YouTube Channel and Facebook page Of Save A Fox, Finnegan is an adorable cute little Fox Boy. this fellow is a funny guy who’s very talkative and delightful.  He can be considered as the sanctuary’s unofficial mascot.

More info & Photo courtesy: PawsWorld


Screenshot, SaveAFox

This little fox boy not only loves humans but also other animals too. Finnegan is really fond of Schizo, one of the cats at the sanctuary, and tries his best to impress the cat. He does all he can, even follows the cat to get attention from him. But unluckily the cat, king of the kingdom doesn’t seem impressed.


Screenshot, SaveAFox

Mikayla Raines had shared on Facebook that they make every Saturday make a Caturday Announcement with regard to the cats of their sanctuary. And she had said that Schizo is their permanent resident, she had Schizo before all other animals and Schizo is the boss there. And also that foxes know to respect him.


Screenshot, SaveAFox

When Finnegan tries to keep up with Schizo he gets Smacked. Though the smack hadn’t hurt Finnegan he surely must have felt bad after the rejection.


Screenshot, SaveAFox

#5. Have a look at their cute friendship.

#6. Here’s a lovely song about Finnegan the fox boy.

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