Most parents look for a very generous babysitter to look after their babies. Where there are very kind sitters there are very abusive sitters too. A family had moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and the mom and dad of the baby, Hope, and Benjamin Jordan also had needed a babysitter for their baby. They had search a lot and had found a good nanny as per their thought.

Alexis Khan was the nanny they had found for the baby, though the parents thought she was perfect, she didn’t turn out to be. She had been a monstrous babysitter who had been abusing the little child. She had been hitting, slapping the baby, and also she had left the baby to cry for hours.

More info & Photo courtesy: ThePetNeeds


But Killian, their dog who loved the baby and wanted him to be safe had started to be rude, bark at Alexis. And this change in the dog had made the parents alert, they had set a recording device hidden to record the sounds when they are gone.

And when they had listed to it they were frightened as the baby had been abused by the sitter for about 7 hours. They had called the police and the sitter was taken and she had been banned from working with kids. Thanks to their loved Killian the baby is safe now.

Watch this share so that others could be careful about the babysitters they choose.


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