Love is not something that’s only among humans. Every living thing experiences love in different ways. In the animal kingdom, they share love kindness affection amongst each other and it’s very beautiful to watch. This wildlife photographer had spent 15 years improving his skill so that he could get perfect photos and show them to the world. Goran Anastasovski, the photographer had shared some amazing photos of the wild.

Goran Anastasovski: Website | Instagram


There are animals from many places in the world. Animals like deer, giraffes, wolves any many more are seen in the pictures. It is seen in the photos that the animals are either with babies or with someone of their kind sharing love and affection. The photographer had said to My Modern Met that he wanted to show people how beautiful the animals are and to show that animals show love better than we humans. And also had said that his greatest passion is animal photography. He had said that if he could make even one person care a bit more about animals then he will achieve his goal.

Also, he hopes that through these pictures people would know more about animals and stop killing them. He had said that he always thinks that taking pictures of animals is far better than taking their lives. And that the adrenaline a photographer gets while photographing is also similar, so it’s better than hunting. Goran’s work was even published on many platforms like BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, and Telegraph. If you would like to see more follow his Instagram.

Loving moments of animals he had captured.

















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