When it comes to animations and fantasy films especially, lions have a very special place. It’s one of the most presented and loved animals in many films. It symbolizes being courageous and determined also encourages fear and respect too. 

Simon Needham, a British photographer has captured this lion, Moya, at the Glen Garriff Conservation Shrine. And he has been able to capture pictures portraying the greatness of the lion. Following are wonderful photos of Moya which became famous around the world. 


image credit: Simon Needham

Moya is a fully white lion and has a very rare genetic mutation. And also this white look gives him a dreamy look too. 


image credit: Simon Needham

Simon Needham had said that it was an uneasy task to capture him, he had wait until he himself gave charming poses. 


image credit: Simon Needham

Moya, a male lion that lives in Big Cat Sanctuary at the Glen Garriff Conservation in South Africa. 


image credit: Simon Needham

The photographer had said that he loves all animals but Moya’s amazing fur had really captivated him at first sight. 


image credit: Simon Needham

Moya now has become a small celebrity thanks to the wonderful clicks of the photographer. 


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