A tigress and her baby tigers had been captured on camera and it had come to talk and the conservationists had gained a ray of hope by seeing it.  Siddharth Singh is a safari guide and had captured a photo of a tigress along with her babies. After Parveen Kaswan had posted this photo on Twitter it had gone viral. He who is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature had been very happy after seeing the photograph. He also works for the Indian Forest Service.

For the public, this might look like an eye-catching picture but for conservationists, this is a sign of their hard work showing results. This photograph was captured at the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. It is seen tigress and her 5 cubs are happy around her. It is special that there are 5 cubs along with her because usually there are only 3 cubs in a litter. Siddharth had been the first to take photographs of the tigress and her 5 cubs.

More info & Photo courtesy: Siddharth Singh


image credits: Mymodernmet

Siddharth had said to Time of India that for 4 years they had been observing her. And that they had said that she’s called Beldanda female. They had said that as she is friendly with tourists she is similar to Machali, the Ramthambore’s tigress. Had said that they’ve shot a video of her being on the road where the tourists travel and that she had not panicked at that time. As he had said that when the tigress had called her cubs they had got to know that she had 5 cubs. He had said that until then they knew that she had only 4 cubs.

Their exact living place is not revealed in order to ensure the safety of the cubs. And also for the past 6 months, none was allowed to go in that way to give them enough space to grow without any outer disturbance. And through trapped cameras, their behavior is observed. Sanjay Pathak had said that it’s important for them to be isolated at this time because the tigress protects the cubs from everyone except the father tiger.


image credits: Mymodernmet

The WWF India is very happy about this news. Dr. Mudit Gupta, State coordinator had said that this is a rare thing and it is encouraging. From the world, about 70% of them are in India, and there are about 2,967 tigers in India in 2018. Also, the government had a part in this success as they have banned hunting and also had taken an effort in making villagers aware of it. And had hired forest guards by doing a lot of investment. And now you can see that the hard work is finally showing the results.

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