Ever seen how scorpions look under UV light? Recently footage of babies and a mama scorpion glowing brilliantly under ultraviolet light was given out by an insect artist, Sarah Folts who is also known as The Butterfly Babe. In the video, it is seen that when the UV light hits them the exoskeleton of the mother scorpion turns into a greenish-blue color while the babies take a purple color. It happens so as they have a hyaline layer in their cuticle and it reacts with the light and therefore these insects glow.


Photo: Alex Stemmer/DepositPhotos

The glow is not just a light glow, it is strong enough to glow the scorpions that have become fossils. And also it was found by the scientists that the liquids where the scorpions are preserved also start to glow. Though they have no correct reason as to why they have this glow they are trying to figure out it. And some researchers have put forward different theories about it. And among the theories, it is said that it helps them detect and avoid ultraviolet light. Also is had been said in a study in 2012 that not just from their eyes, they detect light from the whole body. It helps them to identify where there’s light or not.

And another interesting fact about them is that with their cuticle getting harder their glow also gets stronger. And as the cuticle of the babies in the clip is soft they have a different color. With their glow, it is easy for the researchers to find them in the evening as that’s the time they are most active.

#2 Have a look at this video where the UV light is being hit on to the scorpion mom and her babies

h/t: [PetaPixelLaughing Squid]

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