There have been a set of very old human-civilizations in the world that has developed and spread across the globe to create the world that we know of today. On the islands of Crete, which is now a part of modern Greece, was the Agean-civilization of the Minoan people.

Being one of the first complex & developed civilizations in the Bronze age, they were a pretty powerful civilization that had allies such as Egypt and other strong settlements at the time. Being one of the powerful people at the time, they obviously had a series of palaces and other structures that Crete is famous for even today. The Aegeans flourished and were rich in their civilization during the time of 3000 BC to around 1500 BC. Right in the middle of their golden era; around 2000 BC, a special structure was built on the island of Crete; Knossos. Up to date, it is one of the famous tourist attractions of Greece. And it is said that Crete owns the first Throne room of entire Europe! Scroll down to check out more of this story below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Palace of Knossos


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Knossos is a palace built to hold a large number of people and also with amazing attributes built-in. The staircases, frescos, and a lot of aesthetic beauty have been rendered into this structure which had over 1000 rooms. But most importantly, the Throne room is said to be Europe’s earliest throne room. It has been crafted in a very prestigious manner using gypsum stone.


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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, earthquakes and the process of thousands of years took down a fair amount of this structure. Still the remains of this historically amazing palace do not disappoint the world. While being on the list to become a UNESCO heritage site, it is open internationally to visit right on the island of Crete.


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Image Courtesy: Stock Photos from GEORGIOS TSICHLIS

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