As for National Bee Day, more attention is on bees now. And recently, a TikTok video of Erica Thompson removing a swarm of bees from her bare hands had gone viral. She’s a professional beekeeper and the video had received views of more than 13.5M. People have started to love this lady who’s not at all scared.

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#1. Erica Thompson removes the bees under the umbrella from her bare hands.

Image credits: TikTok

She is the founder of Texas Beeworks in Austin, Texas which is on a mission to raise the bee population by protecting them. She had been called to get the bees away from the umbrella as they were under it. Erica had explained about bees, she had said that when they are like that, they are in search of a new place to live in. while she was telling so she had just removed them from her hand.

#2. With no fear, she removes them from her hand.

Image credits: TikTok

She had said that the bees were allowing her cause they had no food, babies, or anything to protect. She had said that the bees should have a queen though. While she was taking them from the umbrella she was looking for the queen bee. But she had not found it though she was about to finish taking them off. She had put them into a box she had brought.

#3. The bees had nothing to protect they were not harming her.

Image credits: TikTok

#4. She was searching for the queen bee, but couldn’t find it.

Image credits: texasbeeworks

Erica had said that it would be hard for them to last long without a queen, and for the luck of the bees, Erica had an extra queen bee. She has given the queen to the bees then they had quickly come to meet the queen. As she had said if the bees did not accept her they would kill the queen bee.

#5. Erica had a queen bee in her pocket and the queen was given to those bees.

Image credits: TikTok

#6. If they don’t accept the queen they would try and kill that queen bee.

Image credits: TikTok

#7. The queen bee was given inside a box with a candy that the bees chew through.

Image credits: TikTok

One end of the box has had candy, and if they accept her they would save her by chewing it. Once they met the queen they had signaled other bees to come to the new place. And Erica had watched them move to the new place.


Image credits: TikTok

#9. They all had moved to the beehive.

Image credits:TikTok

#10. Erica had taken the bees to a safe place.

Image credits: TikTok

At the end of the video, she checks if the queen had been accepted. When all of them had moved to the hive Erica had taken them to a safe place. She had said that the bees could do the work they’ve been doing in a safer place for them.


Image credits: TikTok

#12. Video of Erica Removing and rescuing the swarm of bees.

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#13. There had been funny comments passed on this.

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