Engineering has been one of the backbone operations of any society all across the world at any time. These constructions, inventions, and facilitation provided by engineering elevate the world that we live into a better one. Therefore, it plays a vital role in upgrading society and civilization as a whole to the next level.

This article brings a set of amazing engineering wonders that are built all around the world. They are referred to as ‘wonders’ because they serve a much higher purpose than just getting something done. Engineers have expanded their knowledge and skill to make a positive impact on the world and people are starting to notice it. People on the internet have started a discussion about these cool things, one of these places on the internet is ‘Friendly Architecture‘. This subreddit allows people to talk and share pictures about interesting engineering wonders. We collected some of them for you to check out below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Friendly Architecture

#1. Solar Powered Public Charging Points.

Photo courtesy: dearly_decrpit

#2. A Duck Ramp.

Photo courtesy: Zestava

#3. Urban Greenery.

Photo courtesy: Saoirse-on-Thames

#4. Protection From The Sun And The Rain.

Photo courtesy: Jezoreczek

#5. Trash Bins For People On The Move.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIPE

If you visit this subreddit you can see how people applaud and celebrate all these new inventions in the engineering world. They just don’t make things easier, they are for the betterment of the world.

#6. Sharing Is Caring.


#7. Wheel Chair Accessible Waters.


#8. Hedgehog Street.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIP

#9. A Fly Over For Animals.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECI

#10. Amazing Convertible Shelters.

Photo courtesy: bigredpanda_

People, animals, nature, and everything is considered when creating things like these. They will make a positive psychological impact even with their mere appearance.

#11. Wheelchair Accessible Sandboxes.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIP

#12. A Workstation For Parents With Young Kids.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIPE

#13. The Bench Can Move When The Shadow Moves.

Photo courtesy: jadedcloud

#14. Great Thinking.

Photo courtesy: blammycuzzing

#15. Modskool, An Easily Made And Mobile Classroom.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIPE

Earlier, the constructions were done just to get a job done. But now the world moves forward toward a better life for everyone included. Now every person, animal, and entity of nature gets a better shot at life.

#16. Benches That Will Provide A Bed.

Photo courtesy:Desire4Gunfire

#17. The Braille Explains The View.

Photo courtesy: messyredemptions

#18. A Children’s Entrance.

Photo courtesy: L_Suz

#19. This Card Gives People Extra Time To Cross.


#20. This Artist Fills Broken Public Property Using Mosaics.

Photo courtesy:  PM_ME_COOKIE

What do you think about these cool engineering achievements? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also visit the link mentioned above to get to the subreddit for more.

#21. A Crab Flyover.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECI

#22. Amazing Solar-Earth Shelters.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIPE

#23. A French Rehab Garden.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECI

#24. To Keep Storm Water Off The Streets And Sidewalks.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIPE

#25. Public Defibrillation In Australia.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIP

#26. A Wheelchair Resting Place On A Long Uphill Sidewalk.

Photo courtesy: PM_ME_COOKIERECIP
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