There are people who fall in love at the first sight. But ever heard of falling in love at second sight? There are many incidents surfing on the internet that gather a lot of attention. Here’s such a beautiful story of Heidi Savitt and her love Ed Savitt. Believe it or not, they had first met on a family vacation when they were 6 and again they had met in university almost after 20 years and fallen in love with each other. They had also thought that they were a couple from university but they had met earlier.

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#1. They had first met when they were just 6 years old.

Ed & Heidi Savitt

Ed had suited psychology and business while Heidi had studied economics and management major in the same university, Newcastle back in 2011. While Ed was having trouble with the washing machine in the student’s accommodation he had asked help from the previous tenant which is Heidi. Heidi had helped him out very happily.

#2.They had thought that their first meeting was at the university while helping with the washing machine.

Ed & Heidi Savitt

After some days they had again met in a Pizza Express where they have had their first date and their love had bloomed. So after some years Heidi and Ed had gone to dinner with Heidi’s parents and during the dinner, Heidi’s mother had said that when Heidi was small she had a boyfriend named Ed during a family vacation in Turkey.

#3. Heidi’s mom had said that when she was small she had a boyfriend who had the same name as Ed.

Ed & Heidi Savitt

They had not considered much about it as they had thought that it was a lovely coincidence. But Heidi’s mother had found a picture of Heidi and her vacation boyfriend and had sent it to them. And surprisingly it turns out to be them both when they were young. And even Ed’s family had found a picture from the same vacation where both of them are there, and it’s actually both of them when they were young.

#4. The vacation boyfriend turns out to be non-other than Heidi’s love Ed.

Ed & Heidi Savitt

Though the families are from different cities and they did not even know each other both the families had gone on a vacation in Bodrum, Turkey in 1997. One of them was from Sheffield and the other was from London. And it’s a natural thing for kids to get friendly on such vacations and it’s what had happened both of them had also become friends. And after the vacation, they had forgotten it until they were reminded by the families.

#5. And after about 20 years they are now married and inseparable and are in love with each other.

Ed & Heidi Savitt

They had even said about this happening to their friends, who are very surprised too. And in 2016 they had got married and now they co-owns a coffee shop. They had also revisited the first place they had met when they were children.

#6. Here’s a video of the lovely couple.

#7. Some had even shred their own stories after hearing about this lovely story.

#8. Here are some other comments from people.

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