When you love your pets so much it’s hard for you to see them hurt. During this quarantine, you might have spent a lot of time with your fur friends and might have found solutions for their problems. When you love them you tend to do stuff to make things easier for them. 

Talking about helping your fur friends with their problems Sonya Karimi, a therapist has come up with a beautiful idea. She who has some elderly rescue dogs at home has made a stairlift for them. Sonya calls this Doggie-Vator and it helps her dogs to climb the stairs. Scroll to know more about this amazing Doggie-Vator.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mercury Press


Image credits: Mercury Press


Image credits: Mercury Press

She had 4 dogs, George of 13 years, Sam and Bodhi of 10 years, and the little one Emery is 4 years. So she has come up with the idea to help them as Bodhi had a torn knee ligament. Sonya had shared with Daily Mail that she had seen in work that stairlifts help people a lot. Had said that though there are so many new products for pets there isn’t anything similar to a stairlift. Therefore she had thought of building one for her dogs.


Doggie Vator
Image credits: Mercury Press


Doggie Vator
Image credits: Mercury Press

As she had said the dogs are comfortable with it and love it. Even the little one loves it a lot. It had taken about 3 months for her to complete it. Her fiance Zach and his parents had also helped her to build it.  


Sonya and Zach
Image credits: Mercury Press

About how it works, when a dog comes into the small wooden box the owner has to close it so that the dog cannot jump out. Then have to click the button on the remote and the box moves down the stairs. When it stops there’s a ramp so that they could easily walk off. Isn’t this amazing. Make sure to look at the video below and leave a comment on what you think about this Doggie-Vator.



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