The world has become a broken place in recent years with the active ignorance of the human race. But every now and then, hope is being restored by wonderful people who make the world a better place, one step at a time.

The award-winning activist; Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy, is another wonderful human being who took it upon herself to clean the rubbish on Mount Everest. Winning ‘Terres de Femmes’ in 2019 by ‘Fondation Yves Rocher’, Marion made her statement that her 3 long years had not gone to waste. Starting in 2016, Marion started to clean out the rubbish that was discarded on Mount Everest. In the course of these three years, she and her team removed over 8.5 tons of garbage that were discarded by the climbers. 

The Eco – Activist With Her Long And Tough Journey To Make The Everest Garbage – Free 

Marion, along with her ‘Clean Everest project’, plans to expand their operation of cleaning up the garbage across the whole Himalayan mountain range. Being a 3 time Everest climber, she has seen what 30 years of human interaction can do to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Growing up as a nature enthusiast, Marion followed her dream of becoming a mountain guide along the Himalayan Range. During her 17 year career as a Mountain guide, she witnessed first-hand, what the pollution does to nature as well as the people living in those lands. 

Marion’s Team Tolling Hard Work Towards A Better Planet 

The pollution directly affects the drinking water for around 2 billion people on the Indian as well as the Chinese territories. So, the local authorities have shown their support to the ‘Clean Everest project’ by providing more than 50 Yaks to help the eco-activists to transport the collected garbage down the mountains. The world needs more people like Marion and these isolated events have a great impact on the world in pushing it to be a better place, one small step at a time. 

Local Authorities Lend A Helping Hand By Providing Yaks To Help The Cause 

Marion Expresses Herself On Her Project 




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