In a world where pets receive immense love, there are people who just abandon their pets as they no longer need them. Similarly, this 10 months old Duke had been chained to an old truck and been left out by the owner he loved. As Duke had diseases and was not able to be loved he was left by the owner.

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The little doggy had been out for about 10 days without food, he was suffering from malnutrition and was quite weak. And also his legs had been severely damaged, maybe to the way he had been treated.



In such a condition it had seemed difficult for him to survive, but as he was rescued by Rudozem Street Dog Rescue and a very kind-hearted woman, he had received the needed treatments.


Rowles had said with the Dodo that he was shocked when the vet had explained the condition of its legs. He had said the dog’s legs were broken and they were shattered. And also that the ligaments of the legs were not existing and the bones were just floating in his feet.


As the shelter of the group was full, he had taken Duke to his home where Duke had been introduced to his loved wife and other pets he had. Rowles had said that at first Duke was okay with him when he went home, but the fear could be seen from the way he behaved in the first few weeks. And also that Duke loves his wife Diane and he’s attached to her.



Duke’s legs were fixed from surgery and now he’s able to move with his steady feet. Now he trusts humans and started to live happily in the environment. And also a fascinating thing had happened with him, he had been adopted by the kindest lady in England. Now after all the difficulties he faced he’s living happily in his new home.





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