You might have seen people who live with missing body parts. It’s quite difficult for one to live like that. So as a solution people use prosthetic limbs for their support. Not just humans, even animals are able to use them. You might have seen and heard of animals using artificial body parts.

There are cats, dogs, and other animals who use artificial limbs when their body parts are missing. Today we bring you about an adorable duck who learns to walk using a prosthetic limb for the first time. This cute little duck is Waddles and it’s the first time he uses his prosthetic limb. Scroll down to know more.

More info & Photo courtesy: Nat Geo WILDInstagram | Twitter | YouTube


Waddles the duck
image credits: mymodernmet

From his birth, his leg had been deformed and due to that, he had been living a bit sad life. But Ben Weinman, his owner had wanted to let him live a happy life. Therefore contacted a pet prostheticist, Deric Campana, in order to make a prosthetic limb for Waddles. After that, the prostheticist had made a 3D printed prosthetic leg and foot for Waddles.


Recently The Wizard of Paws, a NatGeo Wild series had released a clip of Waddles trying to walk in his prosthetic limb for the first time. Firstly it had been a bit awkward for Waddles. But later he had started to walk after being encouraged by Ben and Derrick. When he had started to walk his owner Ben had been delighted to him.

So what do you think about Waddles using his prosthetic limb for the first time? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us.

h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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