Matt Woods, a photographer, and a drone pilot had been in Bondi Beach in Australia taking a rest on his balcony. And then while he was flying his drone he had seen a fisherman being attacked by a mako shark.

He had shared with the Daily Mail that he was frightened to see the shark going towards the swimmer, and the swimmer had had only a spear gun with him.  He had said that he spotted the shark right away as there was a big bait ball of fish. And when he had got more closer he had he had seen that the shark was circling the diver and he was defending using a spear gun. And then the shark was going after the float that is attached to the man.


image credits: petapixel

Then after seeing the incident Matt and his girlfriend had informed the lifeguards and had monitored the situation more so that they could help the guard to save the man. He had said that it took about 30 mins for the guards to clear the area and arrive from the jet ski and save the man. He had said that he was concerned about the man as the shark seemed furious. And had said that she has not seen anything like this before. And had even said that he tried to meet the diver but couldn’t.


As per the records, since 1580 there had only been 9 mako shark attacks on people. There had been only one serious incident and this situation is a very rare situation. Due to the size, capability, and speed of these sharks, they are blamed for most attacks. Daily Mail had written that they get attracted to spearfishermen if they carry dead fish with them, but here it was not clear if it was the same situation. There had also been some other cases with sharks.

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