Getting in the ocean for a swim is quite risky. You might be so good at swimming but there are times that you get lost. And if it happens so there are fewer chances of returning back. But there are animals who could help us in the waters. Animals like dolphins are known for helping out people in the water.

Thanks to a group of dolphins, a rescue team was had been able to find a lost swimmer from the coast of Ireland. The dolphins indeed help people out a lot. The pod might have seen the rescue team and wanted them to know about this man. However, it’s good that the man is safe. Lets’s see what the story is about.


Bottlenose dolphins

As per the reports of BBC, the swimmer had been lost for about 12 hours and thankfully the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Volunteers had rescued him on 22nd August after seeing him being surrounded by a pod of Dolphins. The institution had said that their boat with Fenit RNLI had seen the pod above the waters at about 2 ½ miles off the Castlegregory beach at around 8.30 pm.

After being rescued the person who was conscious had been taken to Fenit Harbour and from there to be hospitalized. It was found that he was a man at his 30 and is from Londonderry. At the time of the rescue, it was seen that he had been exhausted and he had been in a swimsuit for hours in the water.


Bottlenose dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth | CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

He had shared with the rescue theme that he was trying to swim to the Mucklaghmore Rock where his clothes had been found. Gerard O’Donnell from Fenit RNLI had said to BBC that the team had been scanning the water for any movements and had been worried as it was getting dark.

The swimmer was taken to University Hospital Kerry and getting the medications from there. About the helpful dolphins, it was found that they are bottlenose dolphins that live in the Moray Firth in Scotland. And from 2019 they had been seen off the Irish Coast. To The Irish Independent RNLI coxswain, Finbarr O’Connell had said that there were many dolphins around him and maybe that they helped him out.


Fenit Lifeboat

He had also said to people who would be going swimming to let others around know where they are going. As per Slate, dolphins are known to occasionally engage in reciprocal altruism. In 2004, 4 swimmers had been rescued by a group of dolphins from a great white shark

When getting into the waters we have to be careful and let others know about us as anything could happen. This man might have been lucky that he was rescued. Read the story and make sure to leave a comment below.

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