If you are a dog lover and of course have a dog you might know how loyal and friendly these animals are. In the world where many dogs are been mistreated in Nepal something which is totally opposite happens. Along with the Diwali celebrations, they thank these loving animals for being good loyal friends of humans. 

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They have specially dedicated 5 days in order to thank the dogs, not only the pet dogs but also the stray ones are being thanked by humans. These animals actually have proven the fact that they are way better than some humans in today’s world. Their feelings are very true not fake like some of the humans, and also they are very loyal.


So these loyal dogs are been appreciated for their loyalty by the people in Nepal. Kukur Puja is which is also known as Kukur Tihar is conducted to give their respect to dogs. They are been worshiped and also are adorned with garlands. Even ‘tika’ is applied on their foreheads, and it means that they are sacred and honorable.



By conducting this festival they think that Yama, a Hindu god would be appeased, as per Hindu’s Yama, the God of Death had a dog as his messenger. Also as per the Mahabharath, Yudhishthira the King of righteousness had not wanted to go to heaven without his pet dog. And it a believed by Hindus that Dogs should be worshiped.



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