Dogs are very cute, they make awesome pets for any house. Even though how sweet or adorable they are, they can be quite notorious. They will bite, gnaw and chew on anything they will get their teeth on.

This article is about a funny incident that a guy faced with his notorious pet doggo. Meet Ben Campbell who is from Michigan lives with his pet-dog Thomas. Something very funny happened to him that went viral all over the internet recently. Ben has purchased dentures recently and they ended up in someplace that even Ben did not imagine. Thomas has run away with Ben’s dentures and they were fitting perfectly in Thomas’ mouth. As much as it was hilarious to Ben, the photos and videos he captured went viral instantly. We thought of sharing this adorable and funny story with you. Scroll down to check it out.

More info & Photo courtesy: Toothy Thomas |


Ben & Thomas
Photo Courtesy: Toothy Thomas


Thomas The Dog
Photo Courtesy: Toothy Thomas

Ben found Thomas with a hilarious look as it had his dentures in its mouth. Fortunately, Ben had his phone with him capture this funny incident. The pictures and videos that Ben captured were later uploaded on the Internet and they went viral very soon.


Thomas The Dog
Photo Courtesy: Toothy Thomas


Thomas The Dog
Photo Courtesy: Toothy Thomas

Although these dentures are made for humans, Thomas wears them as if they were made for Thomas himself! Scroll down to check out a video of this funny doggo with the dentures.


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