When we hear stories about heroes, what comes to our mind is someone dressed in a cape. But in reality, not all heroes wear capes. There are enough pure souls who save lives and they can be both humans or animals.

Taking about animals saving lives, you might have heard a number of such stories. And today, we bring a story about a hero from the animal kingdom. Do you remember Australia’s devastating bushfires? If you can, you might know that many innocent lives were lost during the fire. At that time, there was an amazing animal hero who helped official authorities rescue the lives of Koalas. And today, this article is about that hero being awarded for his bravery. Scroll down to know more.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bear The Koala Detection Dog | International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok



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This hero is an Australian Koolie of 6 years named ‘Bear’. During the fires, Bear had done a great job by saving over 100 injured Koalas from the fires. He had searched for injured Koalas using his accurate smelling senses in the areas of Queensland and New South Wales. And for this brave job, recently the International Fund for Animal Welfare gave Bear an award.


Bear was awarded at Animal Action Awards 2021 and he had accepted the award by virtually attending the ceremony held at the House of Lords in London. With Bear’s contribution, they had been able to save many lives. Not only during bushfires but also on other days he helps them to detect Koalas through the scent of their fur.


Bear is a part of the Detection Dogs for Conservation team and is trained at the University of Sunshine Coast. At first, he had been abandoned by his former family for his behavior. But now he uses the same behavior and energy to save lives. 


For more do follow him on Instagram. And do leave a comment below sharing what you think about Bear.

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