When looked at from the outside, it seems running is a child’s play, but a real athlete would attest you how hard it’s to compete in an event. So when you compete, if there are people to cheer and motivate you it feels good. But have you ever thought of having an adorable doggo to cheer you?

If you had thought about it then it might have sounded interesting. So here’s an adorable doggy cheerleader who brightens up the faces of athletes who take part in the Boston Marathon. To see a lovely soul cheering for you is motivating. So scroll down to know more about this doggo cheerleader.

More info & Photo courtesy: Spencer



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A post shared by Rich Powers (@thehenrystudio)

This lovely soul is a 12-year-old Golden Retriever named Spencer. Just think how lovely it’s to see cute Spencer with a “Boston Strong” flag. Spencer had been encouraging the athletes and in 2018 he had gone viral after his owner shared a video of him cheering the athletes soaked in rain with a flag in his mouth.



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A post shared by Rich Powers (@thehenrystudio)

All the while when he was motivating the runners he personally had been fighting against his health issues. Spencer had not been cheering for the last two years as he had a tumor, but now he’s all fit and fine and is waiting to cheer the runners at the 125 Boston Marathon. Spencer had got the tumor removed and has recovered thankfully. Even his owner Rich Powers had said that they almost lost this cute guy last year but now he has recovered.


In a video shared on Facebook, it’s seen the lovely guy holding signs saying “it’s been 2 ½ years” and “We been through a lot”. Now Spencer waits till the marathon to give love to the athletes. 

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