A series of pictures taken in a hospital in Istanbul are being shared on social profiles these days. The highlight of the incident is a cat mom carrying her baby kitten to the hospital. Merve Ozcan has posted this picture on his Twitter account.

Turkish doctors, who knew how the mom’s affection for her baby was, did not hesitate to treat the cub. Reportedly, the kitten has not suffered any illness so far. We wish him speedy recovery. And this is a tribute to the cat mom. In a world where people are throwing their newborns in the trash, these moms are a great example. Though they are animals they have a great heart than those who throw their newborns in trash cans.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

This incident has been shared on social profiles all over Turkey. According to the post, it is said that a baby kitten was brought to the health centre by a cat mom.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

Straight away after the kitty was brought to the hospital, the staff took action to look after the cub. The mom was not letting her eyes away from her baby.

While treating the kitty, the mom is also served with milk and something to eat.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

The country’s media describes that the baby’s mother was fed while nursing the cub. The people of that country have always been kind to animals. As a result, there can be seen food to animals on the side of the road. 

After the doc’s inspection, both the mom and the baby were sent to a veterinarian.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

It is reported that even though both animals are in good condition, they have been sent to the veterinarian for checking.

This news has been posted in all the media networks in Turkey.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

All the staff of the health centre were commended for this noble act. A cat mother who knows motherly affection more than the inhuman in our cruel society ! 

A tribute to the cat mom.

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