When we go through life, every one of us has hard times. That is how life is and it is natural for every one of us to feel weary in our souls. But you might feel very upset and stressed when that weariness affects everything in your life. The modern world tends to break our souls and these rough times amidst the pandemic will worsen this situation.

Unlike physical weariness or pain, we cannot get any pills to sort out a tired soul. You might be able to do things to give you physical relaxation, but a tired soul will find its way to bring you down again and again.

Let’s see the ways we can know if our soul is tired.

  1. Restlessness.

You might feel tired or spent almost all day. No amount of rest or sleep can get you over this restlessness. You might also feel tired during the day for no reason or try to slack off your work and feel lost.

2. Your goal will seem to be far away.

You will lose all positivity in life. The dreams, plans, and hope you had for life might seem to be far away. Once you feel lost, you will spiral down that path. Your decisions will become blurry as you tend to go off course in your life.

Why does your soul become tired?

There can be multiple reasons and also time spent on those reasons will multiply its effect.

  1. You might be holding onto your past that cannot be changed.
  2. You might be doing something out of your nature that is not meant for you.
  3. Your social circle might majorly consist of toxic or narcissistic people.
  4. You might let yourself engage in pointless arguing, gossiping or aimless grudges.
  5. The positive people who used to be around you might not be around you anymore.
  6. Being afraid to say ‘NO’.
  7. You might be lying to yourself.
  8. You might lack self-love and self-confidence

How to fix and overcome a weary soul?

  1. Focusing on loving and appreciating yourself.
  2. Letting go of the past by making peace with yourself.
  3. Meditating to clear your mind of the scattered thoughts and to develop concentration.
  4. Letting yourself surface again, embrace your talents and things that will make your soul happy.
  5. Making short-term targets so that achieving them will boost your self-confidence.
  6. Letting go of toxic and narcissistic people in your life.
  7. Learning to say ‘NO’ in an understandable manner.
  8. Tracking and managing your progress.

In these times of desperation, stress, and weariness. The best thing to do is to allocate some time to fix your weary soul. This journey is for you to take, no one else can fix your weary soul for you.

May all souls be cleansed of all negativity and let the happiness flow into your lives, everybody deserves it!

(h/t: auxx)

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