Wildlife Photography is not an easy task. But photographers who have a passion and interest in it do so with their talents. If you are interested in doing anything, it is good enough to do anything.

Nature on PBS is a documentary series that brings to us the beauty of wild animals and their world. We were all amazed at the video that they posted on their YouTube channel recently. Because it is none other than a fascinating butterfly swarm. 

This way you can see how the butterflies huddle in the woods. Those scenes are incredible as we can’t believe them. They have done this amazing thing using a drone making it disguised as a hummingbird. According to the video, hummingbirds are not an enemy to butterflies. Butterflies don’t get excited when a hummingbird arrives. So they have used it as a disguise. 

This video shows that the butterflies stay in a swarm for as long as the temperature rises to some level, and then begin flying again. It is a very spectacular sight as they fly together.

The parts of the drone are properly covered to prevent damage to the butterflies. As a result, some butterflies also stayed on it and flew around it. 

Below is that awesome scene

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