Not everyone in the world is born perfect, everyone is different from each other. This child Elijah who’s 5 years old, has a condition of autism. His father Timothy Archibald, a photographer from San Francisco had noticed that his son is a bit different from other kinds. As a dad, everyone wants to raise their child with the best. He had photographed his son’s behaviors for a project called Echolilia, and through that, they’ve grown closer and it had allowed the dad to know his son better.

Through his images, it is seen how unique this child’s behaviors are and how he communicates with the world by interacting with objects. He had said that he never wanted his son to think that he was normal. He had always wanted his son to be aware that he’s different and take it as a good thing. This beautiful collection of photos and the rest of the story are below. Scroll down to check them out. Please leave your thoughts about the collection of photos that this father has captured.

More info & Photo courtesy: Timothy Archibald


Through this, he was able to know his son and appreciate his behaviors, and he was also able to control things as a photographer. Due to the project, they were able to bond more and had even collected a lot of memories that they can look back. His project Echolilia has now turned into a book that you can buy from his website. Take a look if you are interested!












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