We have seen in the past time that many are becoming influencers. Wonder why is it that they truly love it or that they get a good-paying for it. Of course, it’s nice to get different branded things just cause you are famous on the internet. But they have got a bit used to it that they now ask things for free. Recently the Crazy Pedro’s had shred such a message that they had received from an influencer. 

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Via: Boredpanda

#1.They had refused an influencer who had asked for a free meal and offered to promote them on social media.

Image credits: girlaboutmanchester

It is a pizza bar in Manchester and Liverpool in the UK and is mostly known for its pizzas and margaritas and its laid-back atmosphere. Also, they are famous on Instagram with more than 45k followers, and also active on Twitter and  Facebook. Go check them out.


Image credits: crazypedros

#3. The influencer had not just asked for a free meal but had given them an offer, but the intention was to get a meal for free.

Image credits: crazypedros

They had received a message saying that the influencer would be coming to manchester with their boyfriend and had asked them if they willed to collaborate with them. It had meant that if the pizza bar would give them a free meal they would post it on social media.

Nick Coupland, the spokesperson of Crazy Pedro’s had spoken with the Bored Panda, he had said that they received a lot of them in the past but they haven’t done though. When they had asked why the message was shared he had said that it was how it was delivered and its timing.  He had said that if that person had read their profile would have seen that they had closed a venue due to the pandemic going on. And had thought it’s not a good time for them. Also, he had said that the message was a blanket message. And also he had not said anything about who the influencer was.


Image credits: crazypedros

He had said that if someone tags them to good content they even ask for permission to re-share. And had said that it’s up to the people to let them use the content or not. And had said that they feel great when people shout about them on social media.

#5. They had responded as ‘It’s a no from us’ and also had said them to read the room.

Image credits: vegan.manchester

They had shared the message on Instagram with a caption that said to read the room. And that they have been open 4 or 5 months tops put the last 14 and also had said that they closed one of their venues due to safety measures in the last week. And had said as whilst you are here after a bit of free food?

And had asked them to come for a paid meal and shout about that along with other venues that they had sent the message to. And had said that it’s a no from them and they’d save a table. And if they wish they can come for a paid meal.

#6. Due to the current situation, many had closed down their shops, and even if some ever there they couldn’t afford to give things free.

Image credits: crazypedros

He had said that they had operated as a delivery or takeout service only. And that usually they had people coming and staying and partying for about 4 am every day. And that there’s a long way to get normal again.


Image credits:themanceats

Many had praised them for giving a good response back and had even said that the Crazy Pedro’s needed no publicity. Though some say it was done for attention, the Crazy Pedro’s gained nothing from it. When they were asked if anything was changed by this he had said that they didn’t do it for publicity. And that it was to make people aware of how venues are now due to the situation. And also had said that they love working with good people and pages and will continue to do so. And that they have a good fan army and it’s good to see them.

#8. People had commented on the situation and had praised Crazy Pedro’s.

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