The world is an ever-evolving place with countless sights and places of wonder. With the modern technology and transportation on the rise, they become more accessible to people. What does that mean to us? Well, it is an invitation to go see the world!

But as much as these supporting services invite us to travel and see the world, inflation is catching up to all of us as well. We cannot let that slow us young folks down yeah? So, a suggestion is to select affordable countries that are equally amazing. If you are looking to travel around Europe, this is just for you. We rounded up some of the affordable countries that are very cool at the same time. Scroll down to check them out below.

#1. Bulgaria.

Photo Courtesy: MGVP

Bulgaria is certainly among the top countries in Europe to do affordable traveling. Even though it is not famous or tourist-populated as Italy it still gives out the same vibes. Beaches, Country-sides, Ruins, Hiking and more amazing things makes this country a must-to-visit while remaining friendly on your accounts.

#2. Albania.

Photo Courtesy: Expedia

Closed off to the world and opened up recently, Albania becomes a very good choice of destination when traveling on a budget. Since tourism is fairly new, the prices of things are very affordable and many of the attractions are fairly travel gems. So, why not be a traveler to discover Albanian beauty rather than visiting over-rated destination?

#3. Montenegro.

Photo Courtesy: DTW

Montenegro is another country that is new on travelers’ maps. This is the world’s third newest country. Located next to Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, this is an ideal place to visit idlic beaches, national parks, rich country-side landscapes and many more. Cities with old architecture, mountains, glaciers and wildlife will make you fall in love with this country.

#4. Slovenia.

Photo Courtesy: CNBC

Slovenia is another compelling destination filled with azure landscapes, pristine waterbodies and importantly budget-friendly. The Julian Alps surrounded country-side, the history and perfect beaches puts this country on top of European countries to explore. Even if this country is cost-efficient, it is as enchanting as the rest of the European destinations that are popular.

These countries will give you an wide range of tourist experiences while controlling your spending. Make no mistake, with the traveling and social media, these gems will reveal themselves and become one of the popular destinations in no time. So, do not wait for that to happen, visit these places while they are still affordable. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below. We will return with another list of cool destinations that are light on your purse.

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