Having a little and adorable pet for your company is really nice. When you spend time with them actually they make you forget all the worries in life. You can now see countless videos of pets which make you smile and make your day. Here’s such a pet who had not only been a company but had been a part of the owner’s life, an African pygmy hedgehog, Chappi.  The way she loves splashing water with tiny paws while having a bath would definitely make you smile.

After living a good life Chappi had left her owner forever in 2017. Though she had gone forever her memories would always remain in her mommy’s heart. Chappi’s owner had said that she had helped her a lot to be a better person and to live life enjoying each day. And had said that she realized that when things get hard what you need to do is start again by taking a deep breath. Also, she had added that she always misses little Chappi and is grateful that she met her. And that she was part of her soul more than being a pet.

More info & Photo courtesy: Timothea and ChappiYouTube


Timothea, a hedgehog who was brought home by Chappi’s mom in 2018. It seems that little Timothea follows Chappi’s footsteps, as the yellow rubber duck is the toy that she loves. In one of the videos, it is seen that she brushes her tiny teeth. Have you ever seen something like that? Seems that hedgehogs care about themselves a lot.

Here have a look at Timothea and her late sissy Chappi.

#2 Chappi loved to have fun while bathing

#3 Timothea and the yellow duck she loves


#5 After having a good life Chappi had left her forever in 2017


#7 Chappi had loved playing games

#8 She had even played piano with mommy


#10 But had been more fond of spending lazy days in the house


#12 Adorable Fellow


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