Throughout history, elephants are admired by people. They have received so much love and admiration due to their majestic looks and mannerisms. Despite being the largest mammals on earth these animals are very gentle.

Although these animals were given so much importance currently they are facing tragic situations being captive. Sadly there are around 20k to 40k Asian elephants left and about 3800 are in Thailand and are held captive. The story today is about a little baby elephant who was rescued from a captive. Scroll down to know what the story is.

More info & Photo courtesy: Save Elephant FoundationFacebook | Twitter | YouTube


Little Chaba
image credits: Save Elephant Foundation

This little girl Chaba was born at a camp in Chiang Mai in Thailand where they conduct shows. From the day she was born she had been captive and had never known what freedom is. But thankfully the Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) had taken steps to make her life better.


Little Chaba and mom
image credits: Save Elephant Foundation

SEF had learned about the little girl and her mom BunMa who had been entertaining the tourists all day with circus tricks. They had rescued the baby elephant and her mom and had brought them to Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. When they discovered both mom and daughter they had been a poor condition and had needed medical care and nutrition.


Little Chaba
image credits: Save Elephant Foundation

After they were rescued they had walked to the ENP as the elephants had not been comfortable with going in a vehicle as they were a bit frightened. Anyhow they had safely reached the ENP and are now enjoying living happily. On Facebook, SEF had shared a post where you can see Chaba’s love for the water. It had been the first time she had bathed and had enjoyed the moment a lot. Also, they had shared some more videos of the little girl playing with water. Scroll down to have a look at them.



Thanks to such organizations these innocent lives and being saved. What do you think about the little girl Chaba? Leave a comment below sharing what you think.


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