Photography is an awesome form of art that made a very interesting mark in human history. It’s ability to capture a visual moment in time is remarkable. Through this technology modern photography and videography evolved. This article is about an artist who goes back to the roots of photography to create a cool piece of art.

Back in the day, during the Victorian era where it all started, photographers got curious about capturing movement. They played around with this cool technique called ‘chrono-photography’, where they strung together snapshots to make it look like things were moving, kind of like those old-timey flip-books. Well this collection of photos will remind you of the same. Scroll down to check it out.

See More and Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini | Instagram


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini

These images were mind-blowing, showing off what photography could do and leaving people amazed. It’s like they were the classical version of movies! Meet Italian photographer Manuel Cafini. He stumbled upon these 19th-century wonders and thought of reinventing it. So, he worked his skill to present the world ‘ChronoPhotography+’.


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini

Equipped with his Nikon camera plus flash, Cafini captures dancers, athletes, and models in action. And this part makes them magical – he doesn’t touch up the photos afterward, letting the magic happen right there in the moment. Cafini’s work breathes new life into the old technique, splashing it with vibrant colors and energy. His photos have gone viral, earning him some serious credit online and in the photography world.


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini

While paying homage to the past, Cafini’s collection, ‘ChronoPhotography+’ adds a fresh perspective. It’s like looking at history through a modern-day Instagram filter – familiar yet totally new. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below and follow the links for more.


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini


Photo Courtesy: Manuel Cafini
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