This is a widely discussed topic on the internet in these days. A set of pictures of a cute baby bat has surfaced creating discussion within the online community. The specialty of this baby bat is that it white, hence said to be an albino.

After posting back and forth on social media, debating the fact, we have finally found the clarification. Anna Yastrezhembovskya from Russia finally laid the entire argument down by claiming that it is not a real animal, but a toy that she made. She makes life like animals to be sold on Etsy. But this bat, which every one talks about, takes more than 12 days to be made since she handcrafts everything. At first other websites claimed that these were their products and then it was share all over websites to make fabricated as if it was a real Albino baby bat. She stepped up to own what she creates with the input of her wonderful skill.

So, we have listed below some of the photos that created the ‘Discussion’ of an albino bat and photos of other cute and realistic stuffed animals that Emma creates. Please be responsible enough to share the right information before it turns into mis-understood situation. Check out Anna’s products at Etsy to support her. Please comment down your ideas about this article in the comments section below.

More info & Photo courtesy:  Anna Yastrezhembovskya | MyModernMet | Etsysnopes

#1 Fake news corrected by

#2 The original products of Anna on Etsy.



















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