The anticipation for this year’s Burning Man Festival is palpable, with excitement brewing as the organizers unveil the design for the 2024 Black Rock City Temple. Leading the charge on this year’s design is Caroline Ghosn, also known as Glitter Kitty, with her creation titled the Temple of Together.

For Ghosn, a Burning Man regular since 2014. The Temple’s design is a reflection of the powerful emotions she’s experienced firsthand at Black Rock City. Central themes of unity, community, and respect are woven into the fabric of the design. Drawing inspiration from various architectural styles, the Temple incorporates elements of neo-gothic and Art Deco design, creating a visually stunning and thought-provoking structure.

See More & Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn

What sets Ghosn’s design apart is its focus on sustainability. The woven cladding serves as a practical and eco-friendly choice. They use sustainable materials and involve volunteers in the weaving process. This collaborative effort ensures that the Temple of Together truly presents the spirit of community and environmental consciousness.


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn

Ghosn’s role as lead artist marks a historic moment for Burning Man, she is the first female and BIPOC Temple lead artist. Her artistic expression, aims to make this Temple the most environmentally sustainable design in Burning Man history. By incorporating sustainable practices and consulting with past Temple lead artists, Ghosn is paving the way for a greener future.


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn


Photo Courtesy: Caroline Ghosn

As the Temple takes shape, it symbolizes not only the collective effort of volunteers but also  inclusivity and innovation. The Temple of Together promises to be a highlight of this year’s Burning Man experience, inspiring attendees to come together, celebrate community, and leave a positive impact on the world. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below!


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