Freedom is something that we all adore. In life having the freedom to do anything we want is precious. But there are some who aren’t that free to decide what they want. Someone else controlling your life is not what one wishes for.

When some people have their freedom some have had to fight for it.  Even the pop star Britney Spears had been through some hard times as her freedom was not with her.  In her life, her father Jamie Spears being her conservator had not gone well. Now things are different and she is free, scroll down to know what the story is.


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Due to several reasons, she was appointed a conservator. When this started out many had felt that it was good for her but some had felt that it was not right and the moment Free-Britney had started. For a period of thirteen years, Britney had been monitored by her father. Now as she was doing well-performing and working hard many had thought the conservatorship wasn’t necessary anymore but none had stepped to talk about it.


Image credits: britneyspears


Image credits: britneyspears

About the conservatorship, there had been different rumors and things going around but anyhow slowly things became fine with her father giving up his position. And finally, on September 29th, she was free from the conservatorship. And now she is having a free life and all her fans are happy about it.


Image credits: britneyspears


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Image credits: britneyspears

Her father is no more controlling her life, she is independent. And currently, she’s enjoying her free life. Freedom is something that everyone should have and none has the right to control one’s life. Briteny’s fans are so happy with the news of her being free.

So what are your thoughts about her being free? Do leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.

#8 Here’s how her fans had reacted to her being free

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