Brian Emfinger, a photojournalist from Arkansas who’s fond of traveling and seeing the amazing surprises of nature had visited Fagradalsfjall volcano. In ice land, it had been active since March, and Brian had visited to see the volcanic eruption and had captured quite a lot of amazing photographs.

In a photo captured where it is seen that people are around the spilling lava and heating themselves from the heat emitted. Brian had said to My Modern Met that he had seen a lot of comments where people had said that the crowd who was near the lava was crazy. And he had said that for them who were near it didn’t feel like crazy and that it was superb and an unbelievable thing.

More info & Photo courtesy: Brian Emfinger | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


He had said that mother nature is sometimes most beautiful when she’s angry, and this time he had witnessed it perfectly. He had not just taken photos of lava coming down but also had captured the moment when it had erupted. Also, he had taken a video and he had made it a 45 min video. He had visited it when the eruption had started and it is still going on, but none is hurt as there are no people living nearby the volcano. But sure it would attract people to see it until it’s active.

#2. Brian had traveled all the way to Ice land to capture these great photographs.


#4. He had captured aerial photographs of lava coming down.



#7. Fagradalsfjall had been active from March.



#10. He had even recorded the incident and made a video.

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