There are many people in this society who get bullied due to different reasons. Sometimes for their looks or at times for their clothes or things they have. Not just the elders, but even little children get bullied. But no matter what, the reason is when we get bullied it hurts.

Just think how it would affect a little child of 10 years to get bullied for his costume. This is what had happened with little Evan of 10 years. Evan had been all ready for his elementary school’s Halloween party. He who loves Iron Man had chosen to take Tony Stark’s signature look. But unfortunately, things had taken a sad turn and his happiness had flushed away when he was bullied by some kids during his bus ride to school. Scroll down to know what had happened to this little guy.


That morning, Evan had wanted to go in the Mercedes but due to some reason, he had to ride in the bus. And that’s when the little guy had been bullied by kids who weren’t even putting costumes on. So little Evan’s mom Jill Struckman had shared about this on Facebook and the post had gone viral.


As Jill shared, she was phoned by the school that little Evan had been crying. He had not wanted to be a part of the Halloween party as the little guy was so hurt. But after Jill picked him up from school and talked about what happened the boy had felt relieved. Then he had gained the super strength to stand up to the bullies. So after that, they went home and she had done his make-up again, only to return back to school.


After Jill shared this on Facebook, there had been many people who had shared sweet and comforting words for little Evan. In the end, Jill made it clear that this was not physical bullying but verbal bullying is not something that should be let off the hook as well. Also for anyone who wanted to send a card for little Evan, she shared their address too.


So what do you think about this situation? Do leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us.


h/t: [BuzzFeed]

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