There are a number of sculptures to be seen all over the world. This art form that needs a lot of patience and skill, had been in the world for a long time. And all most every sculpture that we get to see has a message that the artist tries to express to the world. 

Artists around the world always try to express their thoughts through their artworks. And today we share with you some brilliant sculptures created by a talented artist, Debra Baxter. These sculptures are a bit different from the common ones that we have seen. So scroll down to have a look at these amazing sculptures.

More info & Photo courtesy: Debra Baxter | Facebook | Instagram


Debra Baxter, “Catch Your Breath,” alabaster, bronze, and druzy snow chalcedony, 2021


Debra Baxter, “Holding It Together,” bronze and amethyst, 2021


Debra Baxter, “Crystal Brass Knuckles (Forever),” sterling silver and quartz, 2021

These surreal sculptures in the series “Love Tears” of Debra have been made using wood, metal, crystals, and geode. Using these permanent materials Debra had expressed the love and pain that we all experience in a mind-blowing manner.


Debra Baxter, “Love Hard,” glass and quartz, 2020


Debra Baxter, “Heart of Gold (Almost),” bronze and clear crystal, 2020


“Debra Baxter, “See No Evil,” alabaster and green onyx, 2020

After her experiencing the loss of one of her friends she had begun to do these sculptures to show respect to her friend. Debra had explained that in every form of love we experience pain that’s unavoidable. She had been able to show the vulnerability of our own hearts through transforming the materials into parts of the human body.


Debra Baxter, “Ear to the Ground,” alabaster and glass, 2020


Debra Baxter, “Marrow of My Bone,” glass and bone, 2021

Leave a comment below on what you think about these surrealistic crystal sculptures. Also for more, you can follow her on Instagram.

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