Band concerts are some of the most crowded and insanely hyped events in society. People crowd up to see their favorite bands live to perform. As thousands of fans gather to large stadiums to fill it up and enjoy the live music of their bands.

But most of the time, famous celebrities have no time to focus on the fans when they are at their concerts. One of the most controversial incidents in recent times is the Astroworld incidents that Travis Scott performed. Almost a dozen of concert attendees lost their lives in a tragic accident where the entire crowd pushed forward, crushing the ones in the front. The sad part of the story is that Travis Scott and the producers did not stop or care about the incident, but kept on performing. These sorts of incidents give the concert culture and celebrities a really bad name. But there are enough good bands that have shown really wholesome qualities by stopping their shows to help their fans in trouble. Scroll down to check out some of the incidents that we listed down for you.

#1. Billie Eilish.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Hanna Nicolaysen / She saw a girl pass out at her concert. She stopped the show and went to her assistance. Billie Eilish made sure the girl was okay.

#2. Nirvana.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Kurtsmemento
/ Kurt Cobain spotted a girl being harassed at a concert and openly humiliated the man who did it.

#3. Panic! At The Disco.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: misscaptor / A girl had a seizure at a concert and the band stopped the concert and had the crowd part and create space until she was given medical assistance.

#4. Linkin Park.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Bajtak / Chester stopped the concert in midsong when he saw a fan fall down in the crowd. He made sure others helped him up and he was okay.

#5. Slipknot.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Ceezar11 / Slipknot is known to be a very energetic metal band for their brutal performances. But Corey the singer stopped the show. He saw that the crowd was getting pushed to the front and resolved the issue.

#6. Niall Horan.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: niallhorannation / The singer saw that the crowd was starting to get close to the railing. So he made sure that everyone was safe.

#7. Yungblud.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Holly Ransom / He stopped the show to ask a group of girls if they are being harassed or if they are safe.

#8. Shinedown.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: NJshadow93 / Brent Smith stopped the show and got lights on when he saw a man pass out on the concert and helped him.

#9. Playboi Carti.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: ItzShavBTW / After seeing the crowd surged towards the stage, Carti stopped the show to make sure everyone has enough space.

#10. One Ok Rock.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Hayz / Taka of the band stopped the show to check on one of the fans when he saw that he was not looking good.

#11. Rage Against The Machine.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: War Within A Breath / Zack de la Rocha the Singer spotted a girl being harassed and gave the predator a speech about harassment stopping the show.

#12. Green Day.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: John / The band stopped the performance when they saw that the crowd was beginning to get too aggressive to other people in the crowd itself.

#13. Adele.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Daydreamer Boy / She made sure that a fainted fan was attended to and didn’t resume the show until she was sure that the fan was okay.

#14. Foo Fighters.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Dean Mo / The singer stopped the show to remove a person from the crowd as he was starting to fight in the crowd.

#15. A$ap Rocky.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: briannawellman / He stopped the performance to make sure the crowd was safe because he saw some people fall down in the crowd.

#16. Harry Styles.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Stephanie Gregory / Harry stopped the concert to check up on a fan and asked the crowd to make a way for her to come out of the crowd.

#17. Fall Out Boy.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Mikey Nguyen / The band stopped and made sure a fan who has a seizure had immediate medical care.

#18. Logic.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: Trevorv17Report / The Rapper saw a person faint and stopped the show to take the person out of the crowd. Then he asked the crowd to be safe, hydrated and take care of themselves.

#19. Paramore.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: RTMorasonMD / The band stopped the show when they saw a person being aggressive in the crowd and made sure that the person was dealt with.

#20. Lady Gaga.

Wholesome Artists
Image Courtesy: love tv / One of her fans had hit her face and was bleeding. So, she stops the concert to make sure the fan has proper medical care.
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