Anne Geddes is a well know photographer for her photography of babies starting from the 90s. Her work can be seen on wallpapers, calendars and etc… for more than 30 years now. And more than a thousand babies might have come to her to get photographed dressed in beautiful costumes like sunflowers, butterflies and etc…To Huffington Post, Anne had said that every time she sees a newborn she gets fascinated and that’s still the same. And she had said that at the starting of our lives we have a lot of potential and purity. She had said that it would be wonderful for the children to see their newborn selves in a wonderfully detailed way.

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image credits: Mymodernmet

Through her new series ‘Baby, Look At You Now’ you can see the then (the 90s) look and the present look of the babies that were in her iconic baby photos. By this, she was able to get reconnected with the babies that had been a part of her career at the beginning. Through Instagram, you can get a glance at the ‘Baby, Look At You’ photos weekly along with a heart-touching caption from Anne. Any child whom she had photographed as a baby in the 90s can take part in this by writing to her –. And also you have to send a present picture of yourself and an update about your present situation. Scroll down to see some photos of then and now looks of the 90s babies and some things that Anne had captioned.

#2 Alesha, Chantelle, and Kailee in 1994 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

“Pool party”, is what she had called this image of an identical triplet which she had taken in 1994. She had mentioned in the caption that people even thought that she photographed the same baby 3 times. And in present, the girls are 20+ and had completed their degrees. And they are working at Florida’s Walt Disney World.

#3 Aimee in 1997 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

Anne had photographed this baby girl Aimee at 7 days old. She had said that what she loves is the simplicity and the delicate detail of Aimee’s baby hair. Now Aimee works in New Zealand as a caregiver at a retirement home. And Aimee is studying and wishes to work in pediatrics.

#4 Zac in 1997 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

In 1997 when he was 2 weeks old he had been photographed as a butterfly and later in 1998 his series appeared on that year’s calendar. Audrey, Zac’s mother had said to Anne that now Zac is in Melbourne, Australia, and is working in the same restaurant where his sister Jaime is an Event Coordinator. And also Zac had done modeling. His picture credits go to RPD Models.

#5 Tyla in 1994 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

“Wet Sparrow” is what Anne had called her. The baby who was photographed when she was 6 months olds was featured in Anne’s coffee table book “Down in the Garden” also called DIG. and now after passing 22 years the little girl is well grown. Tyla had said to Anne that she was named in the first-ever Rugby Sevens Team to represent New Zealand at the Rio Olympics. 

#6 Jaclyn, Susanna, and Charlee in 1999 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

In 1999 Anne had photographed these identical triplets and had known that the picture was gonna be magical as her hands shook while trying to take the picture.

All three pretty girls had been asleep at that time. It’s not easy to make them fall asleep at the same time. And in present, the girls are working with a modeling agency in New Zealand and the girl on left Susanne is interested in makeup art and photography.

#7 Emma in 1995 and now

image credits: Mymodernmet

This little girl who had been a flower pot baby in Anne’s Down in the Garden is now a mommy. Emma had said to Annie that she is 21 and had a daughter named Aaliyah who is 15 months old. And had said that she even looked if it was possible for Anne to photograph Aaliyah too. She lives in Hamilton with her baby, her partner, and his parents.

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