Nature never fails to amaze us. Nature and its beauty is something that everyone in the world is fond of. To have the amazing creations of nature around us is actually our luck. When people admire nature they come across fascinating things.

Mommy in the Texan family had received a beautiful rose from her loving daughter. Along with the rose, mommy had also got to see something really rare. Inside the rose petal, there had been a baby lizard. The baby lizard in the rose had won a lot of hearts on Imgur.

More info & Photo courtesy: Spiritofunbounded


image Credit: Cmycherrytree


image Credit: Cmycherrytree

As the woman says she may never get a chance to see something amazing like this again in her life. Baby Lizard is a seep on the soft rose petals. Though it’s hard to fit into the flower the lizard had perfectly fit into the rose. It seems as if the rose is just made for the baby lizard.


image Credit: Cmycherrytree
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