These amazing pictures have given us the opportunity to see how a reptile looks when they are inside the eggs. This baby chameleon had not realized that he was out of his egg and had stayed the same. This Shop Canvas Chameleon from Reading city in Pennsylvania is a pet shop and they also breed there. They had said that as the baby had not popped out they had to help him to come out. 

It is said that this baby is only a few seconds old and he doesn’t even know he’s out. The breeder had said that as it had not popped correctly she had helped him out of the egg. And that if the egg had pipped from the side due to any reason it’s hard for them to come out as their head is not nearby the hole. She helped them to push their other body parts like yoke-sac which ultimately end up taking their life. And that she had felt to act like a mother and help him out.

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