For an athlete getting a chance to participate in the Olympics is a big thing. Though they have chosen it had their job their paying is not good. And when you get invited to take part in the Olympics and you have no enough money to be there, it’s heartbreaking. Earlier we have told you the story of BMX Gold Medalist Bethany who was not funded by the UK to take part in the Olympics. And here’s such a story of 21-year-old Riley Day, and Australian Sprinter who had worked in a supermarket to collect the amount she needed to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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#1. Reily Day wasn’t sponsored by anyone to take part in the Olympics therefore she had collected the money in her way

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She who had started her sporting career at the age of nine is an Australian Sprinter and is a gold medalist in 200 meters and a silver medalist in 100 meters at the Commonwealth Youth Game 2017. What’s saddening is that for her to take part in the Tokyo Olympics none had sponsored her. Just like the famous BMX gold medalist Bethany, Reily has also funded herself by working hard.


Image credits: _rileyday

#3. To earn money Reily had worked in a supermarket and made her dream of taking part in the Olympics come true

Image credits: Scott Lewis

She had done a part-time job at the Woolworth, an Australian supermarket. And on the day her competition was held the supermarket had posted on their LinkedIn that they are proud that one of their teammates is representing their country. And had wished her good luck. Also, they had shared a picture of Reily and one of their customer who is 90 and visually impaired. And had said that she helps the person to do his shopping and that if he doesn’t come she calls and checks on him.


Image credits: Woolworths Supermarkets

#5. Though she couldn’t become a finalist she had given her best and ran faster than ever

Image credits: Woolworths Supermarkets

Reily had taken part in the 200m race and had done the semi-finals too. But was not able to get into the finals. It’s fine as she has good reasons to be proud of, she funded herself by working hard ad reached there. And also she had beaten her own record, her new record is 22.56s.


Image credits: _rileyday

#7. She is also happy and satisfied with her work

Image credits: _rileyday

The girl had said to the Channel 7 that it had been a better race than the one in the morning and that she’s got her groove. And that it’s the fastest heat and she could get in the finals. Also had said that it’s a massive PB. she had said that she wants to be the best and nothing can stop her. And had just said that if people want they could follow her Instagram account. Before the interview she has had 21k followers and after, her followers were increased to 100k. 

#8. Many people on the internet had admired the hard-working girl

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