One of the best ways to change your mood or have a great day is, spend some quality time with animals, be your pets or any animal. Similarly like us, animals do feel and also they do face challenges. Have a look at the following pictures. If you think that only we people have moments that look like movie scenes, you’ll surely be proven wrong. 

The place where we can find numerous photos and videos of animals is the internet. Here are some amazing photos that would make you feel good. 

#01 Cute Proposal

#02 Best kiss

#03 Resemble Scar from The Lion King

#04 Are they Timon and Pumbaa?

#05 Late again!!

#06 What a look

#07 It’s Pawty time!!

#08 “Do I look like Buck from the Ice Age?”

#09 It’s okay baby

#10 “Are you one of us?”

#11 Dress me up guys 

#12 Everyone needs to updated

#13 How do I look?

#14 Pop-star the Doggy

#15 Sneaky Sneaky 

#16 Eat and look good at the same time.

#17 You’re not allowed in water, go back

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