Tim Ulit, a comic and illustration artist is here with heartening and intriguing comics. His comics are into subjects like love, relationship, bullying, and the sad truth of life. His creations seem simple and colorful but the stories are heart touching. 

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Peek A Boo 

Image credits: tumnulit

A comic about newlyweds with a simple story and a deep meaning. It’s about the acceptance of each other’s differences as none is perfect in this world and we have to face it. Finally, they accepted each other and learned to deal with their differences. 

Our Journey 

Image credits: tumnulit

Seems like tourists visiting places always wished to, but no it has something more deep. It’s about a phase in almost every person’s life where we travel a certain part of life with one person and then depart and go on with another. But in the end it’s the same sunset that we all see. 


Image credits: tumnulit

When seen looks like a cute story of wax figures. The more we look the more we get that it’s more like our own life. Same as ours they also fight, burn each other and finally hurry the path and fall down. 


Image credits: tumnulit

A comic that depicts the destruction one can cause to one’s own life by their behavior. The man himself destroys the people around his through his harsh words and rude behavior. Be cautious before you speak and behave because it may hurt one’s feelings. Spread love instead of hatred. 

Old Man And The Tree 

Image credits: tumnulit

Story of a man with true feelings towards the person he loves. He lost his love but did not leave her, stayed with her even after she grew into a tree. A very heart touching story. 

Brave Heart

Image credits: tumnulit

Among a lot of difficulties, it’s not easy to have a strong heart. “Brave heart” depicts a story of a boy who stands strong to protect his dog and her puppies from bad bullies. Gets beaten up, still stays strong and at last, becomes a brave man that saves other’s lives. 

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