When you are in love with someone, you make sure that they are always fine. Be it humans or animals that you love, you always want the best for them. At times to make them feel happy and comfortable you go beyond.

This wildlife keeper is also such a personality. He would do anything just to make his loved animals feel good. He especially loves bears and no matter how big they are he makes sure that they get the best. Recently he had even napped with his four favorite bears to make them feel comfortable. Scroll down to know about their lovely bond.


bear and the man
image credits: Nature Creatures

The wildlife keeper Jim Kowalczik is an amazing person who loves animals a lot and always tries to help the needy.  Of all the animals he really loves bears and therefore to help the orphaned bear cubs he had started a rehabilitation center called Orphan Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York along with his loving wife Susan.


bears and the man
image credits: Nature Creatures

The couple had been taking care of bears since the 1990s. Though he had been with many bears there are four bears who are his favorite, 2 Syrian brown bears and 2 Kodiak bears. The bears had come to the center about 10 years ago and they had started to bond with Jim.


bear and man
image credits: Nature Creatures

They share a very special bond and Jim even sleeps alongside them so that they feel comfortable. Through these photos, you can see how much he loves these giants. Not only this they also play with each other and have fun. Have a look at the below video where you can see how lovely their bond is. Also, leave a comment sharing what you think of them.


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