Are you a tech geek? Well even if you are not one, you will always enjoy the devices and the tech advancements that gets released all the time. In the constant competition of smart phones, smart watches and other devices that we already know, here is something fresh.

Humane’s Ai Pin, with a price tag of $699, is ready to step up our tech game. Founded by former Apple execs Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, and backed by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, Humane aims to bounce us toward a smartphone-free lifestyle. But how?

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Photo Courtesy: humane

At SXSW, CEO Bethany Bongiorno gave us a sneak peek at the AI Pin, showing off its cool tricks. This wearable AI gadget, positioned like a boutonnière, lets you do all sorts of stuff like asking questions, jamming out to tunes, and snapping pictures or videos.


Photo Courtesy: humane

What makes the AI Pin stand out? Well, there’s no screen, for starters. Instead, it’s got this cool laser projector that turns your hand into a screen – super rad, right? Plus, it’s powered by GPT-4, so it’s got smarts of its own.


Photo Courtesy: humane

Interacting with the AI Pin is a breeze – just use your voice, touch, or even gestures. And those speakers? Crystal clear, even in a noisy crowd. Plus, privacy’s a big deal, with flashy indicator lights letting everyone know its operation.


Photo Courtesy: humane

With its slick design and futuristic features, the AI Pin promises a whole new level of tech coolness, making life a bit more fun and freeing our hands from our smartphone shackles.


Photo Courtesy: humane

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